I’m a writer and a reader, and the author of Inheritance of Secrets, a crime thriller with a historical thread set in the WWII era. I also have ten published children’s and young adult books.

When I look at my bookshelf, I see a catalogue of alternate realities, new places to go, new people to meet, new paths to travel, as well as old friends, familiar settings and well-loved plots to be revisited again and again. Writing a new story is a bit like starting to read a new book, like setting out on a new adventure, or going on an exciting holiday. I know in theory where I am going and who I am going with, but the exact details of the adventure are unknown. Unexpected events happen, characters appear who were not invited and the story takes on a path of its own.

Now, a little bit about me. I was born in the United States and grew up in Victoria, Canada where my parents moved when I was three years old. I studied linguistics and speech pathology at university and worked with children with communication disorders for over 25 years. I now do casual work in clinical education to leave as much time for writing as possible.

I moved to Australia in 1997 and started writing children’s fiction when my children were small. I had my first short story published in a school magazine in 2002 and my first chapter book published in 2003. I haven’t looked back. I now write for children and adults and have ten published children’s books and a debut adult novel published in 2020. It can be a frustrating and isolated occupation, with many setbacks, rejections, and frustrations in the writing itself, but the sight of your own book in print is a thrilling experience. And when a reader tells you how much they enjoyed your book and that they couldn’t put it down, that makes it all worthwhile.

If you would like to learn more about my books, visit my website here

2 Responses to “About me”

  1. 1 Georgeanna November 13, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    I love your book Topspin sooo much!! Please make more like it.

    • 2 sonyaspreenbates November 14, 2018 at 12:42 am

      Hello Georgeanna. I’m so glad you enjoyed Topspin. I have written two other sports and mystery books you might like. Off the Rim and Running on Empty. I am thinking up new ideas all the time, so keep an eye out for new releases. 🙂

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